Why a Daily Diary? Watch . . .

Daily Headache Diary

As a valued patient at the Hartford Healthcare Headache Center, we are pleased to provide you a free-of-charge electronic Daily Headache Diary via the Nerivio app.

Keeping a consistent headache diary is one of the most important things you can do for your headache treatment and care. And it only takes 1 minute a day.

A consistent headache diary helps you . . .

  • Track your headache patterns over time, including the frequency, duration, and severity of headaches
  • Capture your headache patterns in between visits with your headache specialist
  • Identify and understand symptoms which may predict future headaches
  • Assess how helpful your current treatments are in preventing or treating headaches
  • Track how often you take headache medications

Getting started


Download and install the Nerivio app

Already using Nerivio? So straight to step 5 – entering the Special Code.



Please fill in the info in the signup page to create your Nerivio account, providing an email address you use often.

nerivio app signup screen Fill in your details with a viable email address and click "create"
Note: Insurance info is optional. The Nerivio Daily Headache Diary is offered free of charge


Complete registration

Please verify your account via the email sent to your inbox.

Note: Bluetooth is required only if and when you will consider using the Nerivio device as a therapy.



We know it can be challenging to remember to fill out the diary every day, but it’s important to do so, even when you don’t have a headache.

We’re here to help you remember.

To help us help you, please allow us to send you notifications.

We would like to send you two types of reminders:

  • Every evening – reminder to fill out the diary with today’s headache-related info.
  • Once a month – reminder to share your diary with your headache provider.
Notification acceptance Allow notifications to help you remember to fill out your diary


Identification as a patient of the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center

We created a special code to identify you – a Hartford HealthCare Headache Center patient – to allow us to send you unique messages (like daily and monthly reminders) and ease the sharing process of your diary with your provider as a photo via MyChart. Please follow this one-time process of applying our special code detailed in the slider below.

All our patients use the same code: hartford56c5

nerivio app signup screen Fill in your details with a viable email address and click "create"
Notification acceptance Allow notifications to help you remember to fill in your diary

Congratulations!  You are all set to begin using your Headache Diary!

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Using the Nerivio Headache Diary


Access the Headache Diary

Click the “Diary” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Diary button at the bottom
Invest 1 minute a day to accurately track your headaches


Using the Headache Diary daily

Once on the Diary page, you will see a monthly calendar and below it a big “Fill daily diary” button. Clicking the button will open a series of questions regarding your headache. Answer each question based on what happened to you that day. Once you select an answer, the “next” button will activate, and you can move to the next question.

Remember, in order to best understand your migraine attacks, it’s important to fill out the diary every day, even on days in which you do not have a headache.

Once you have filled out the daily diary you will see the entry on the screen. You can click it to see what you entered (and even edit if needed). You will also see that a small green circle appears on that day on the calendar.

Click "Fill daily diary" button

Some questions may have more answers than you can see on your screen in a given moment.

nerivio app symptoms screen Use the scroll bar on the side to make sure you see all of the available answers.
Click the Diary button at the bottom
Click "Fill daily diary" button

Sharing the Nerivio Headache Diary


Generating the output file

To create the summary of your daily diary entries, click on the share icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will generate a jpeg image of the calendar with up to 3 months of calendar entries, one month per “page” (section of the jpeg file).

Click on the share icon on the top right


Save the image to your local photos directory

To do that, Nerivio must be allowed to access your photos.

allow access app screen Select the "Allow access to all photos" option


Send a MyChart message

Login to your MyChart app and follow the next steps
(detailed screenshots slider below):

  • Select “Messages”
  • Select “Send a message” at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Medical question”
  • Select “Test Results Question”
  • Select the provider you want to contact
  • Write your message: to make it easy for your provider, we suggest the message title to be “My Headache Diary Data”; You can write something in the message body (optional), and then,  attach the diary image from your local Photos directory
  • Send the message

That’s it!

Remember to send the message on time, preferably two days before your appointment.

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FAQ and Support

Who should use the diary?

Who is the daily headache diary intended for?

Anyone suffering from migraine. People who suffer from other types of headaches can also benefit from tracking their headaches and symptoms via the Daily Headache Diary, although some questions might be irrelevant.

Using the diary

When should I use the the daily headache diary?

Every day, preferably around the same time (preferably evening) – whether it was a headache day or not. It only takes a minute.

What happens if I get a headache after filling the diary for the day? Can I edit a diary entry?

Of course! You can always edit an entry by selecting the relevant day, and then clicking the “Daily Health Tracking” button.

How do I get started?

For details, see Section 1 – Getting Started above.

In brief:

  • Nerivio app – Download and install the Nerivio app which provides the Daily Headache Diary.
  • Register – Set up an account by providing your Name, Date of Birth, Email, and Password. Please use the same Name and Email you use in the Hartford MyChart app, to allow Hartford HealthCare staff identify you and easily connect your diary information with your MyChart information.
  • Special Code – Enter the Special code for Hartford patients: hartford56c5.

I don’t get reminders

Please see Step 4 – Notifications in Section 1 – Getting Started. Follow the instructions to allow the App to send you notifications, which include daily and monthly reminders. In brief, to allow Notifications you need to go to your phone’s Setting, find the Nerivio app, and allow the Nerivio App to send Notifications.

Sharing the diary

How do I know when to share the diary with my provider?

  • It is best is to share your Daily Headache Diary data with your provider two days before your next appointment. It takes our team one working day to process your message and make sure it gets to your provider.
  • To help you remember to share your Daily Headache Diary on time, we will send you a reminder towards the end of each month.
  • If your appointment is just before that (in the third or fourth weeks of a month), it might be better not to wait for our reminder, but rather share the Daily Headache Diary two days before the appointment. But… In such a case, you will have to remember to do that! Because the Daily Headache Diary does not “know” when your next appointment is and can’t send a well-timed reminder.
  • Another way to remember to share your Daily Headache Diary with your provider is to do as soon as you receive a MyChart reminder for your appointment.

How do I share my daily headache diary information with my healthcare provider?

For details, see Section 3 – Sharing The Nerivio Daily Headache Diary above.

In brief:

  • Diary image -first, create the shareable diary summary, by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of the screen on the Diary tab.
  • Save the image – Save the image to your local photos file on your phone.
  • Send a MyChart message – Login to your Hartford MyChart app, and select to send a message. Make it a “Medical Question” and select a “Test Results Question”. Attach the diary photo to the message you send your provider. Best to use an informative title, such as “My Headache Diary Data”.

How much information will be shared with my provider?

Diary entries of the last 3 months will be included in the photo that you can share with your provider. This includes any information from the current month as well as information from the 2 previous months. Don’t worry, if you began using the daily headache diary only recently, all the information you entered so far will be included in the image and can be shared. Note that any older data is still saved but not included in the shareable output file.

Can I share my diary with other people?

Of course! It is your decision who you want to share your headache diary with. A family member, a friend, and even with yourself, to keep the info in your records. Please click the “share” button, save the image, and chose how you want to use to share it – email, text, etc.

What do I need to bring to my next appointment?

Please bring the regular things you bring to your appointments. No need to print the Daily Headache Diary. Just don’t forget to share it with your provider on time, preferably a week before your appointment.

Cost and insuarance

How much does it cost to use the Nerivio daily headache diary?

Absolutely nothing. The Daily Headache Diary is offered to you as a free service!


The Daily Headache Diary is offered to you as a free service, therefore, there is no need to involve your insurance.



Your privacy is very important to us. Your personal information is securely stored in a HIPAA-compliant encrypted software. Please share your diary with your healthcare professional by exporting your diary to an image which can be sent as a MyChart message. You decide who else to share your information with. Anonymous data may be used for marketing, scientific publications and reports. Your personal information, however, will never be shared without your consent.

Internet and phone requirements

Can I fill the diary without an internet connection?

Unfortunately, no. An internet connection is required to fill the daily questionnaire.

What are the minimal smartphone requirements for the app?

Supported operating systems – iOS versions 12 or newer and Android versions 7 or newer.

The Nerivio app requires:

  • At least 4.7 inches multi-touchscreen with at least 720x 1280 pixels resolution
  • CPU of 1GHz or faster, internal memory of 2GB or more, and internal storage of at least 16GB
  • Connectivity capabilities of BT4.0 or above

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