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Acute treatment of episodic migraine

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Episodic migraine

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In-app behavioral intervention

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Menstrual migraine

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Nerivio’s scientific reviews

Nerivio’s scientific reviews



Nerivio’s scientific reviews

Nerivio treatment for chronic migraine

This review summarizes a series of five clinical trials and two real-world evidence studies that established the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of Nerivio in treating migraine attacks.

Source: Nierenburg H, Stark-Inbar A. Nerivio® remote electrical neuromodulation for acute treatment of chronic migraine. Pain Manag., 2021. doi:10.2217/pmt-2021-0038

Nerivio treatment for episodic and chronic migraine

This review describes Nerivio’s mechanism of action and summarizes Nerivio’s safety and efficacy data in adults with episodic migraine, adults with chronic migraine, and adolescents with migraine.

Source: McVige JW, Stark-Inbar A. Remote Electrical Neuromodulation for the Acute Treatment of Episodic and Chronic Migraine. Touch Reviews in Neurology, 2021.

Nerivio’s efficacy and safety

This review highlights the mechanism of action of Nerivio and summarizes Nerivio’s clinical data from two placebo-controlled clinical trials which provide support for the efficacy and safety of the device. Post-hoc analyses suggest that the efficacy of Nerivio is non-inferior to usual care in general and to acute pharmacological treatments specifically.

Source: Rapoport AM, Lin T. Device profile of the NerivioTM for acute migraine treatment: overview of its efficacy and safety. Expert Rev Med Devices. 2019;0(0):1-7. doi:10.1080/17434440.2019.1695599