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Episodic migraine: Comparison to acute migraine medications

Rapoport et al., Journal of Headache and Pain, 2019 Read More

This study was a post-hoc analysis of data from the large randomized, double blind, Placebo-controlled, multicenter study that demonstrated Nerivio’s efficacy for acute treatment of episodic migraine.

The study compared the effectiveness of Nerivio to that of standard-care medications (i.e., over-the-counter medications and triptans), based on data from 69 patients with episodic migraine who participated in the clinical trial. During the study, participants treated their attacks with their preferred oral medication for the first two to four weeks. Next, participants entered a double-blind treatment phase in which they treated the attacks with either a Nerivio device or a placebo device. The participants rated their pain level prior to the treatment, and two hours after the beginning of the treatment, via the Nerivio app.


  • Pain relief was achieved by 62% of the participants with Nerivio vs. 58% with medications.
  • Pain freedom was achieved by 32% of the participants with both Nerivio and medications.
  • Pain relief in at least one of two attacks was achieved by 81% of the participants with Nerivio vs. 76% with medications.
  • Pain freedom in at least one of two attacks was achieved by 47% of the participants with Nerivio vs. 34% with medications.

Nerivio Comparison to acute migraine medications


Conclusion: Nerivio is an effective acute treatment for migraine with non-inferior efficacy compared to current acute migraine therapies.

Source: Rapoport AM, Bonner JH, Lin T, Harris D, Gruper Y, Ironi A, Cowan RP. Remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) in the acute treatment of migraine: a comparison with usual care and acute migraine medications.