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Menstrual Migraine

Nierenburg et al., Pain and Therapy, 2021 Read More

Estimations are that 60% of women who suffer from migraines experience attacks that are associated with menstruation. Menstrual migraines are typically more debilitating, and less responsive to pharmacological treatment. This study evaluated the self-reported effectiveness and tolerability of Nerivio for the acute treatment of menstrual migraine, via a retrospective structured survey that was sent to 445 adult female device users, aged 18-55. One hundred and fifty-three women have filled the questionnaire. The analyzed dataset included questionnaires from all who reported experiencing menstrually-related migraines and have completed at least four Nerivio treatments, a total of 91 patients.


  • 75% of the participants reported that the treatment was at least moderately effective.
  • 100% of the participants reported that the treatment is at least moderately tolerable.
  • 45% reported satisfaction from the treatment.
  • Only 13.2% (12 participants) reported mild short-term side effects. No moderate or severe side effects were reported.

menstrual migraine percent responders graph

Conclusions: Nerivio may provide a safe, non-pharmacological alternative for the acute treatment of menstrual migraine.

Source: Nierenburg H et al. Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) for the Acute Treatment of Menstrual Migraine: a Retrospective Survey Study of Effectiveness and Tolerability. Pain Ther. 2021 Jun 17. doi: 10.1007/s40122-021-00276-7. Epub ahead of print.