Theranica Expands Access to Prescribed Migraine Wearable Nerivio™ Through Partnership With UpScript Health Telemedicine Platform

FDA-Authorized Drug-Free Migraine Treatment Device Available by Prescription through One-Stop Telemedicine Platform

NETANYA, Israel and SCOTTSDALE, ArizonaApril 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Theranica Bioelectronics (Theranica), a bio-medical technology company developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other pain conditions, today announced availability of Nerivio™ on UpScript‘s direct-to-patient telemedicine platform. Nerivio, an FDA-authorized prescribed wearable device for the treatment of acute migraine, is worn on the arm and utilizes electronic pulses controlled by a smartphone to provide patients with relief.

UpScript provides people living with migraine across all 50 states the option to remotely connect with doctors to assess the need for a prescription and to order Nerivio directly to their homes.

In addition, UpScript enables patients who have already received a prescription from their own doctor to submit their prescription and order Nerivio to their homes saving a trip to the pharmacy.

“Access to in-person medical care is an escalating challenge for many, especially in remote areas, which is why telehealth options are becoming increasingly important,” said Theranica CEO and co-founder Alon Ironi. “When someone is suffering from a debilitating condition like migraine, it is imperative that they can access treatment quickly. Part of Theranica’s mission is to ensure that Nerivio is both affordable and easily accessible, with the help of advanced online services like UpScript.”

Telemedicine has received additional attention in light of the recent global health situation. In a note to migraine patients published on March 14 by the American Migraine Foundation addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, American Headache Society member Dr. Mia Minen recommended considering telemedicine instead of clinic appointments in certain cases, to maintain social distancing.

Furthermore, in a recent meta-analysis study published in Neurology, telemedicine was found to be a non-inferior option compared to in-person evaluation for neurological disorders like migraine.

“Our research concluded that, in terms of both patient and caregiver satisfaction, evaluations by telemedicine were comparable to traditional, in-person evaluations,” said Dr. Mahan Chehrenama, DO, a neurologist involved in direct to consumer tele-headache care since 2016 and co-author of the article.

“Patients with migraine need care quickly and conveniently,” said Peter Ax, CEO and founder of UpScript. “We provide this crucial support through our online consultations and quick-ship options. We are happy to expand our migraine treatment options to include an innovative product like Nerivio, to help people achieve convenient and effective relief from their migraines.”

Patients can start the process with UpScript to see if they are a good candidate to receive Nerivio here.