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“Learning about Nerivio has been such a game changer for me”

Shay Riker

“I take Nerivio anywhere with me now. That way, I’m always ready.”

Danielle Bagan

“Nerivio is the best thing that ever happened to me. It really helps me feel so much better.”

Jen Odwyer

“Nerivio has been life changing for my daughter, Jordan Odwyer”

Faiga Marks

“The first treatment option that gives me the relief I need . Love the option to use it at night.”

Aaron Atkisson

“Nerivio reduced my migraines by 50%. It’s one of my go-to tools in my migraine toolkit.”

Lisa Clark

“I have gotten my life back using Nerivio. My migraines aren’t a disability anymore.”

Peggy Rew

“Nerivio helps take the edge of my headaches so I can function during the day. “

Roxanne Johnson

“It is a miracle. During the 45 minutes treatment my headache completely stopped.”

Judith Pap

“Nerivio is amazing. It helps avoid taking heavy medication for your migraines. “