Testimonials and Migraine Journeys

Watch Nerivio users share their migraine journeys and Nerivio’s impact on their lives.

None have been compensated for sharing their Nerivio experience.

Hanson K.
"Because I have other health conditions I can't take prescription medication and OTC doesn't work for me."
"Nerivio has been life-changing... Using it is really easy; just put it on your arm, use the app, and control the settings."
Jamie Newton-Knight
"My neurologist introduced me to Nerivio; it was the blessing that I needed."
"Learning about Nerivio has been such a game changer for me."
Shay Riker
"I take Nerivio anywhere with me now. That way, I'm always ready."
Terri Dean-Alexander
"Talk to your doctor about Nerivio. It's the best kept secret."

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