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Nerivio Gets FDA Nod for Use in Migraine Prevention

The FDA has approved Nerivio as a preventive treatment for migraine, with or without aura, in adults and children 12 years old and older. The non-invasive prescription wearable had already been approved as a treatment for acute migraine in adolescents and adults. The device’s dual-use approval opens up new options for migraine care in adolescents and adults.
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Theranica aims to stretch FDA nod with study of neuromodulation device as preventive migraine treatment

With almost two more years having passed since the company successfully lobbied the FDA to expand its Nerivio neuromodulation armband indication as an acute migraine treatment from adults only to all patients aged 12 and older with episodic or chronic migraine, Theranica is once again asking the agency to expand the device’s approved usage. Its […]
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NewsInterview: The drug-free migraine treatment that’s got big pharma worried

Theranica says it has demonstrated clinical evidence equivalent to commonly prescribed medications and serves more than 25,000 people with migraine, including adolescents and adults, in the USA. Health Tech World speaks with Alon Ironi, CEO of Theranica, to learn more about the wearable that’s got big pharmaceutical companies worried.
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Wireless Nerivio Helps Manage Migraines

Connecticut’s Channel 3 Eyewitness News segment focus on the Nerivio device for easing migraine pain. Dr. Brian Grosberg, medical director of the HHC headache program at Hartford healthcare CT, explains the mechanism and benefits of Nerivio.
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Moving beyond one-dose-fits-all: How medtech and personalized dosing can improve outcomes

Several medical devices using electrical neuromodulation have been developed to treat pain, spinal injuries, epilepsy, migraine, and other conditions. More than just a new technological solution, the possibility presented by these devices is significant.
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Real-World Experience with Nerivio

Tom Picerno, formally diagnosed with chronic migraine, tells about his experience with Nerivio: "...I find it comforting to know that I have non-drug related therapies in my arsenal of migraine care options. I know for me it has been used effectively to replace my abortive triptans..."
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AIPAC Briefing: Treating Migraines Digitally

Theranica CEO Alon Ironi explains how his innovative technology, Nerivio, alleviates migraines and other ailments—all without the use of prescription drugs. Theranica is an Israeli biomedical technology company.
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REN: A Novel Approach to Migraine Treatment

Evidence suggests that pharmacologic agents often used to treat migraine may at times be ineffective, poorly tolerated, contraindicated, and—if used too frequently—can cause possible medication overuse headache, migraine chronification, and notable medical complications. A significant unmet need exists for effective and well-tolerated non-pharmacologic acute migraine therapy, according to Alan M. Rapoport, MD.
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You can find us in Mediaplanet’s Neurological Disorders campaign

Millions of Americans suffer from neurological disorders yearly, but progress is being made in managing neurological health and improving quality of life for patients. Through interviews and articles, this campaign raises awareness of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, migraine, and more. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY and is published online
These are the most innovative biotechnology companies of 2020
Fast Company

Theranica Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020

Theranica, the developer of Nerivio, has been ranked fourth in Fast Company's Biotech category on the 2020 Most Innovative Companies List. The prestigious annual list identifies companies making the most profound impact on their industry.